About us

Association of Bulgarian villages is founded in 2006. ABV is the first NGO in Bulgaria, which operates in rural development activities and farm policy.

Veliko Tarnovo
5000, Bulgaria
2-B, Maria Gabrovska Str.
phone: +359 877 07 00 07 ; +359 878 11 11 21
email: info@selo.bg

The main objectives of the Association of Bulgarian Villages (ABV) are: 

- Development and information awareness about each Bulgarian village and investment opportunities
- Create a positive and responsible attitude to the villages 
- Legislative Initiative in Bulgarian villages 
- Promotion of rural tourism 
- Support and promotion the tourist attractions in the villages 
- Development and implementation of innovative and advanced technologies in agriculture 
- Attracting foreign and Bulgarian investors in non-agricultural activities 
- Attracting investment to revive agriculture 
- Promoting and preserving traditional customs, folklore and crafts 
- Reduction of unemployment in rural areas 
- Reduction of migration from rural areas 
- Improvement of quality education in rural areas 
- Improving health care in rural areas 
- Develop policies for getting people back in the villages
- Information support, according to the EU regulations concerning the rural and agriculture sectors
- Support of active people in the villages in the preparation, writing and implementation of projects financed by the EU and international investors

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